Finally gold?


We're finally at the end of our dev process and are releasing a gold build. We did a lot more polishing up and juiced up the game a bit:

1. Scene transitions - the one we implemented last week seemed a bit out of place, so we just added a general ease-in, ease-out type of transition between the main menu and the actual game. Should hopefully make the game a little bit more aesthetically pleasing.

2. There was a bug in the tutorial - if you did the steps out of order, there was a possibility of an infinite tutorial loop where you could never get out. This is now fixed.

3. Bomb cost adjustments - we received a lot of feedback about this, but essentially, if you collected all the resource boosts it would be very easy to spam the other player without any repercussions. The bombs should be costly, and this wasn't the case if you are near an endgame state. Thus, we increase the cost of bombs per successive bomb.

4. The middle divider - it looked really out of place, so we spiced it up a little bit with a simple sprite change.

5. Particle effects between stars - players complained about not knowing where the next star is, so we added some particle effects that connect the stars.


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