Our alpha push!

Howdy everyone! 

After the latest round of playtesting, we've discovered a number of issues surrounding our game that we're planning to improve for the alpha build.

Our current top priority is to make the game longer and more competitive. The reason for this change is because a number of playtesters commented that as the game stands, the most optimal strategy is to just build straight to the top. We plan to fix this by adding a number of objectives to build to versus just the finish line in the current build, and also change the game from being a best of 1 to a best of 3 game. This will make the game both longer, and more enjoyable, as it creates the opportunities for come backs.

Another change that we're going to make are to bombs - currently, there is very little incentive to use them. In addition, our control scheme for the bombs is fairly difficult to use: so we're going to clean up the controls surrounding the bombs to be more responsive, and lower the costs of bombs for players. This is a difficult change because we don't want to make the bombs too overpowered. 

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