Polishing build!

Hi again,

This week we'll be working on a number of changes:

1. Implementing an in-game tutorial - although we've been working on improving tooltips and other guidance related issues, players have still been complaining about not knowing what to do in the game. We hope that our new tutorial will help first-time players learn the ropes of the game.

2. Pixel conversion and aesthetics - as I said last post, we're trying to finish up our process of converting all our assets to pixel art! We're trying to finish all of this up this week. In addition, we're trying to add more juice to the game and just in general finish up all our aesthetic touches to the game. Finally, we're going to try and add scene transitions - which are planned to be themed for the seasons.

3. Build cost adjustments - branches farther from the root will cost more: hopefully this prevents the leading player who has more wood income from snowballing the game. Players who are behind will also get more access to bombs.


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