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Hi there,

We figured out a couple of things since last week and there are many changes that we are planning to make to our game - polishing and refining:

1. The aesthetic/feel of the game - for a while now we've been very haphazardly taking the direction of the art of the game in weird places, so we've decided to revise the entire game look and feel. As of right now, we're attempting to convert all the assets of our game into an eight/sixteen bit style. This should hopefully bring a little more cohesiveness to the look of our game, but it will take time - so some parts of  the game might be look pretty out of place as we migrate over. We will definitely attempt to finish all the changes to the art this week, but it might take a little more time for us to create/find all the assets.

2. Building into the sky - another very important change relating to the above is we've decided to make the game feel a little bit more alive by having players be able to build into the sky. This means that game duration is longer, but there are also more interesting decisions that the players have to make while playing the game due to the increased game time.

3. More juice everywhere! Hopefully makes the game feel better to play and handle.

4. More user guidance - tooltips for things like pruning.

5. Player analytics - will hopefully get us a few more pieces of data so that we can look at game areas that need work.

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Mar 31, 2020

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